Forms Within

10416816_10203816206422663_1695409840_nTranslating poetry has its own set of challenges- because one has to not only translate the implication, one also has to maintain the lyrical quotient of the original verse. Thus, when I was approached to translate a few of Soumitra Chatterjee – the legendary actor, elocutionist, painter and poet’s verses in English, I felt at once nervous, excited and of course honored. I had to ensure that my work did justice to the profoundness of his creations.

I was quite apprehensive as to how he would find my translations. Hence, my joy knew no bound when he whole heartedly appreciated my efforts and commended me on my work. When I saw my name in print as the translator in his book “Forms Within”, it was a very emotional moment for me. This emotion is what triggered me to go on to publish my own collection of verses. This is when the seed that has now blossomed as The Poet & His Valentine was actually sown.

My gratitude for Soumitra Chatterjee cannot be conveyed in words. In composing the foreword for The Poet & His Valentine, he has honored me profoundly.

Thus, for more reasons than one, my association with Forms Within will always be a fond memory to be treasured forever.

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