The Poet & His Valentine


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Book Title: The Poet & His Valentine
Publisher: Shambhabhi Language: English
ISBN: 1499661509 EAN: 9781499661507
No. of Pages: 76 Publication Year: 2014


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The Poet & His Valentine is a collection of verses catering to different aspects of human life, human emotions and human interactions with nature. The poems are varied and have a rhythmic undercurrent. Most of the verses carry ample traces of optimism, sometimes even when the situations described are hostile. There is one about a convict who dreams of redemption, yet another about a dying patient who yearns to convey her relief to her care givers. The verses range through the feelings of hope, dejection, anxiety, ecstasy, repentance, anger to name a few. A few of them are narrative in nature and convey poignant tales.

There is a prostitute who fears the advent of middle age; a bird who mourns the loss of her home; a group of humans who rejoice the murder of an ailing lion, a suicidal vagrant brought to his senses by a young orphan, a young girl insecure in her love life, an artist screaming for solitude, a home maker rediscovering the letters from her first love, another homemaker struggling through her husband’s treachery, a woman discovering love at the autumn of her life and last but not the least, there is the poet who sees all, senses everything and then hurries back home to plunge into the world of Poetry and find his ultimate peace therein.

As Virginia Woolf famously wrote in her book, Orlando, “The flower bloomed and faded. The sun rose and sank. The lover loved and went. And what the poets said in rhyme, the young translated into practice.” I hope and wish The Poet & His Valentine inspires my readers in a similar fashion. The narrative of my verses is simple and effortless to comprehend. My aim is to touch a chord with as many souls as I can. Throughout the world, the feelings of love, kindness and compassion need to be rescued from possible extinction, and my poetry strives to achieve this mission.


Book Reviews

“…For all its possibilities and resonances, Ananya Chatterjee’s first poetry collection ‘The Poet and His Valentine’ is a delightful read. The book is visually striking and commendably thought out. In a world that too often tells about fast forward and smart ride, this beautiful collection showcases Ananya’s prowess and talent in no uncertain terms….” – Mr. Gopal Lahiri [Read full review:]

“…This is an enjoyable, amusing and thought-provoking read. I recommend it to all who love, or wish to, and to all who have a taste for comprehensible language used to great effect…” –  Renowned author Sutart Aken [Read full review:]

“…The Poet & His Valentine as a first collection is ambitious in its range of themes expounded and touched upon. From the secret of the Mona Lisa, with her “mouth, cracking with the weight of silence” (the startling secret of her being an also-ran compared to Leonardo, the creator), to the travails of the newly born girl-child, from the trial of Socrates to the gerontic rediscovery of hope, Ananya spans infancy, youth and age in time and feelings. Her compulsive meter and rhyme drawn from the pages of Coleridge, Shelley, Swinburne, De la Mare and Kipling, when it works, does give us a cinematic holiday on an Edwardian film-set. However, it does not stop other rhythms and beats from surfacing: Pablo Neruda and Khalil Gibran, notably, provide the soundtrack. Having said all that, Ananya must realize that poetry is about crafting all that is left to say…” – Debasish Lahiri on Muse India [Read full review:]

“My impressions: I have read countless page-turners in my time. But they are mere novels. Now, I am pleasantly surprised by a page turner, that too in a poetry collection by Ananya Chatterjee. Again, ‘The Poet and His Valentine’ is her first poem in this book. At first I wondered about the title of the book after the first poem. Then I realized it is the key to the entire book, in that both the poet (Ananya Chatterjee) and the Valentine (namely muse) played hide-and-seek in the rest of the poems.

Oh Boy, she could write poetry even blindfolded! Even I hazarded a guess, she could recite poetry to a printer, for him/her to publish in one go- given her good diction, style and conviction. I could see she didn’t waste a single word. Her deeper understanding of life in many aspects speaks for itself in every verse. I felt rather guilty to quote a few excerpts here and there, as doing so might be injustice to her petite book. In my opinion, the book has to be a good coffee table edition, as well as a fitting reference for the wannabe poets. I saw pithiness in the many lines that are jaw dropping to me- that is when looking at profoundness she carefully nurtured under each poem head.

Also I came across many undercurrents of emotions, of love, separation, togetherness, banality of life, significance of our living, day-to-day struggles, and also some home truths, questions to ponder, her conjectures, etc. being a part of mundane life ( at least halfway through in one’s life.) The book is well rendered in simple and straight resonance that can easily be read out as if the verses are set to meter or tune. No single phrase was out of turn, or oddly placed, in the seamless sections. This book can only be written by a pleasantly enlightened soul who has some inbuilt skills of a storyteller cum visionary endowed with some good command over language. Such a bundle of skills in one is rare find these days. Her collection is what poetry ought to be – meant for everyone’s consumption. Humanism oozed in every page with corresponding challenges. The book will carry to the world in word messages, to reach the readers– to identify and ponder life’s intrigue with meaning yet to be explored. She is all set to become, right form this first collection, one of the most talked about poets; or I can easily say she has already arrived. This book showcases her prowess; and her potential for unfolding her precious psyche a lot more, to enrich the muse kitty of literary world. I wish her all the best.” – ByNoted Poet & Translator Seshu Chamarthy shares