About Me

10428885_10203827927115673_1093819479_nMy earliest verses were probably born on the terrace of a three-storeyed house in Kasba, my mamar bari, or maternal uncle’s house. It was a full moon evening and I was up to my favorite pastime of strolling down the length of the vast open terrace that overlooked a pond and rows of palm trees. All of a sudden, my hitherto chaotic thoughts coagulated into a string of words, and to my utter amazement, a few lyrical lines were born. Quoting poet Pablo Neruda -“And it was at that age, Poetry arrived in search of me”. I can still feel the thrill that had shot through my adolescent nerves, the involuntary goose-bumps that had made me shiver, and I remember rushing down the stairs to tell my mother about the marvelous phenomenon. Now, I am not sure what the reaction of mothers of fourteen year old girls would usually be in such a circumstance as this, but I can still recall how her eyes had lit up, how her face had beamed in a way I had not seen before- not even when I had received awards for my academic performances. At that moment, I had realized this was a special gift that I had been endowed with and that I must cherish, nourish and nurture it to the best of my abilities.

Subsequent years found me pursuing a degree in the field of Computer Science, and then taking up the job of a software developer at a reputed multi-national software company. Throughout my academic and professional years, I continued composing verses. Whenever any form of emotional upheaval disturbed my senses, the turbulence would culminate in my penning down those thoughts and visions. Ah, that sweet feeling of liberation when a verse is completed!

Though I profusely enjoyed writing poems and did have a loyal fan base among my friends and family, the idea of actually publishing them in the form of a book, did not strike me until recently. Once the idea settled comfortably in the crux of my cranium, it continued nudging me until I pushed myself to do something about it. The more I pondered, the more cemented my conviction became- my verses did need to reach out to a wider audience. And that is how “The Poet and His Valentine” materialized.

The Poet and His Valentine is a collection of verses dealing with different facets of human life, various aspects of human relationships and emotions, and how the surrounding nature influences human thoughts and actions. Most of my poems have an inherently optimistic undercurrent. Perhaps, they reflect my core nature.

This collection is my first attempt at sharing my creations on a wide scale. Quite a lot of love, laughter and teardrops have gone into its germination. If it succeeds in touching a few chords, and in inspiring more people to read and write poetry, I would know my purpose was served.